Our much requested remix of our popular corporate bundle - the Best Job Ever Bundle features a series of eight (8) double-sided stylish, modern prop signs designed with corporate culture in mind. UV printed on unique, light-weight, but flexible PVC board, our props are built to outlast even the craziest of parties. Props vary in size. 	TGIF/Bonafide Slacker (approx. 5.25"x9.5")	Big Boss/Pen Thief (approx. 5.25"x9.5")	Never Too Late to Procrastinate/What's for Lunch (approx. 8"x10")	Let Me Gathery my Thoughts/Where's my Raiser (approx. 8"x10")	Sippin Tea/Always on Break (approx. 8"x9.5")	Per Your Request/Work Work Work Work Work (approx. 8"x9.5")	#Lifer/Office Clown (approx. 8.5"x8.5")	#Temp/Best Job Ever (approx. 8.5"x8.5")

Best Job Ever

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