"Nā Lima Palekana"

The Safe Hands tool to help flatten the curve

"Nā Lima Palekana", 

meaning "Safe Hands" in Hawaiian, is our signature addition to the world's much needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). As much as we'd like to deny it, the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our daily lives. Our norm of being adventurous and carefree has been easily replaced with feelings of paranoia and cautiousness. Our norm of touching buttons, opening doors, pressing keys, and pulling levers has now become a wide open window to germ exposure. With our Safe Hands tool, we can help put those germ-conscious thoughts at ease.

Weighing at just 3 ounces, our Safe Hands tool is made from brass alloy, which has natural antimicrobial properties. With it's sleek and modern design, our Safe Hands tool can be easily attached to any key ring, making it convenient to access.

With our Safe Hands tool, you would:

  • Avoid touching public touchscreens like store checkouts

  • Benefit from ergonomic design making it easy to open doors, press buttons & pull levers

  • Reduce point-of-contact area by over 99%

In stock now and ready to ship.

$20/each, 2/$30 or

Ohana Bundle 4/$60 (includes retractable lanyard)